SUKI 奢华精灵魔法彩盒[绝世名伶限定版]

SUKI 奢華精靈魔法彩盒【絕世名伶限定版】

SUKI 奢華精靈魔法彩盒推出第二代【絕世名伶限定版】,




To satisfy modern women's desire for versatility in styling options and perfect makeup finish, we introduce you the second version of SUKI Luxury Genius Magic Color box, Superstar limited version. It includes "Beauty 12 colors Eyeshadow", "Glamour 6 color Lip Gloss", "Classic 4 color Blemish Cream", "Contour 2 color Bronzer" and "Luster Powder Compact (natural beige)".
The application of matt & transparent foundation and baby pink bronzer brings you an attractive look. You'll get a bonus gift :"Mini Dazzling Mascara". It's a 100% useful tool for makeup.

"Beauty 12 colors Eyeshadow" creates silky, chiffon, smooth and delicate texture, the favorite effect adopt by the fashion scene. Eyeshadow base, shading, contour and glowing are all included in the palette. You will have a pop up eye look, charming and smart attraction after application.

"Glamour 6 color Lip Gloss" formulated with crystal pearl powder, enhancing the intensity of color and making your lips look smooth and glossy! It has both "light cream" and "gel" texture. The revolutionary nourishing and glitter formula is easy to apply and keep your lips moist and plump for a long lasting hours even in an air-conditioned room. 

"Classic 4 color Blemish Cream" is a must-have basic coverage cream set. Purple is for correct the dark circles under eyes, green is to cover the blemish or redness, light beige is to smooth the appearance of pores and dark beige is to cover freckles and moles. You can apply to the skin as needed!